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Experience of Mr. John of Kenya after a successful stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.

Experience of Mr. John of Kenya after a successful stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.


My name is Mary sister to John. I was requested by GHN people to write a story or you can say a feedback about my experience in India when we traveled for Specialized Medical treatment. My brother John was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma as disease which was difficult to diagnose at a remote area that we come from in Kenya.


Our local doctor after struggling to see any change in John referred us to a Hospital in Nairobi, Undergoing a detailed assessment and meeting with a number of Doctors in Nairobi, My brother was found to have Multiple myeloma and we started looking for  stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.. It was a shock for all of us when doctor told us it is a type of blood cancer. We were clueless on what to do next as in my country when you talk of disease like  cancer its like you are counting on the number of days that the person will live and also the multiple myeloma treatment cost was to be found out as final and curative treatment was not available in my country.


We met with a number of doctors and family friends discussing on what best we can do for John. He was in shock so he decided not to socialize for a certain period after he got to know that he was a blood cancer patient, We started searching for best Multiple myeloma treatment hospitals and multiple myeloma treatment cost around. We decided to continue treatment in Kenya.


Now it was by luck on a Monday afternoon we were seated in waiting area at a hospital in Nairobi waiting for our turn to meet with a Specialists and we were discussing with other people about the health issues, One of them was from our county and he had the same same disease, He travelled to India for his treatment. I was with my brother and I thought he is the best person to guide us in this time difficult time and I was really very happy to see him doing well after the treatment.

The very next day I called him and we decided to meet at a place in Nairobi for a cup of chai. Now, this guy has same heath problem and he underwent a bone marrow transplant for Multiple myeloma disease in India. He told us about his story and how he was doing so well even after 1 year of the transplant. He gave me contact of Akhil Dubey +91 9818857545 and asked me to share all the medical reports of John with this person in India. I was truly very happy to have someone who will guide us on how we can travel to India and get best hospital in India and also suitable one in terms of multiple myeloma treatment cost.

In the evening I texted Akhil Dubey and told him that I was referred by one of the patient who underwent Bone Marrow Transplant for multiple myeloma in India. He was quick to respond, As told by my friends, he requested for medical reports which I sent him taking clear pictures and sharing with him on WhatsApp as it was difficult to get a Cyber café near to where I live. Akhil Dubey assured me that he will get back to us with 24 hours with all the details for best multiple myeloma treatment hospital in india.

These guys from GHN are very professional, within no time we got opinion from a very good Hospital in India, we got Visa Invitation letter from the Hospital, They kept guiding us on each and every step in the planning phase and we finally reached India. A person from GHN team was waiting for us at the Airport, He took us to a hotel nearby the Hospital.

The very next day we started our assessment at the Hospital and I would say we were at the best hospital for multiple myeloma treatment in India. Team of Doctors and nurses were excellent in their jobs, very friendly and professional. My brother was admitted for a time period of 24 days at the Hospital in the Bone Marrow Transplant suit. I would say journey was a difficult one but the good people around him made this difficult time  bit easy for him. I do not have words to express myself about the Nursing services, they became like family to us by the time we left the Hospital.


Post discharge, we stayed for about 30 days and when doctor found out that my brother was progressing well and he is stable, we were given a fit to fly from our Doctor. We got our treatment done within the multiple myeloma treatment cost which was quoted to us. It was truly a great experience being in India for my brother’s treatment. I am very happy that we chose GHN Healthcare and their hospital in India. We got more than what we expected from them. We will definitely recommend many more people to use GHN healthcare services when travelling to India.

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