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Mr. Josheph liver transplant surgery done in New Delhi
Mr. Josheph liver transplant surgery done in New Delhi

Mr. Joseph was very much relaxed to have a reliable contact in India in order to organise for them to get the best hospital, cost, arrangements of visa letter, airport pickup, fixing up appointment and booking for accommodation etc. Once he connected he was guided on steps to follow in order to get the best liver transplant hospitals in India and the process for them was made very easy and swift for them to travel at the earliest for treatment of Baby Maya Nyambura. Read More...

Mr. Paul from kenya travelled to India for his cancer treatment

The process of searching for a reputable & reliable transplant centre, getting the opinion with tentative cost of treatment, sharing of the visa Invitation letter, arrangement of airport pickup, booking of the accomodation and hand holding care services on ground were offered during their treatment journey of over 2 months in India. Read more...

Mr. Joseph successful Bone marrow transplant in India
Mr. Joseph successful Bone marrow transplant in India

Mr. Joseph is thankful to GHN Healthcare Services to make the treatment hassle-free. GHN Healthcare Services provided him an administrative that looked after his instance. Then after, the question was to consult a specialist for Mr. Joseph treatment. The executive turned to the surgeon in India who was well known for his successful surgeries and scheduled date of visit. GHN Healthcare Services in India takes full responsibility to make a stress free way to your destination. They also, had done the visa work for the patients. They did the same for Mr. Joseph too. He got the hotel reserved in advance with a vehicle facility also. Mr. Joseph made his first visit to the surgeon and his team. There, a long discussion took place regarding his surgery. The doctor asked him for some physical examination which he could use as a reference. Read more...

Breast Cancer treatment
A successful breast cancer treatment Journey of Julia

My name is Julia and I’m from Uganda. I am 37 years old and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my country and my doctor said, that I need to undergo for breast cancer treatment surgery. And then and there I started looking option outside to my country for my treatment. Read more... I am very thankful to the doctor, nurses, other supporting staff of the hospital and especially to Akhil and his team GHN. Who made my treatment journey very easy. They never let me feel like that I am far to my home to my country. They are very kind and very professional. They know very well what they are doing. God bless them and they keep of serving to the humanity. There are so many people who are seeking for the help for there treatment guidance and team GHN is putting his best efforts. I must say I will recommend team GHN Healthcare, people who are looking options for their breast cancer treatment in India .God Bless them, my best wishes is with them.

Experience of Mr. John of Kenya after a successful stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.

We got our treatment done within the multiple myeloma treatment cost which was quoted to us. It was truly a great experience being in India for my brother’s treatment. I am very happy that we chose GHN Healthcare and their hospital in India. We got more than what we expected from them. We will definitely recommend many more people to use GHN healthcare services when travelling to India. Read more...

GHN Healthcare Services
Mrs.Pishalnikova Natalia share his experience with GHN Healthcare after the successful cancer treatment surgery

I lack words to express my joy and happiness that GOD uses you to bring happiness and joy to my family your humility honesty kindness and hard work humbles me. You are a gift to humanity GOD will Always bless the woman that gave birth to you. Thanks team GHN Healthcare, I will always remain grateful. Mrs. Pishalnikova Natalia, Russia for Prostate Cancer.

GHN Healthcare Services
Ms. Nkemdilim Emmanuela Ojielo from Nigeria shares her experience with GHN Services

I travelled to New Delhi, India for treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma. GHN provided me with all the information that was needed. They connected us directly with my Doctor in India. I was given Free Visa support once I made my mind to travel. GHN Team is really very effective on ground when it comes to Patient services. GHN Healthcare helped her to get successfully treated in India for Hodgkin Lymphoma. I would always be thankful to my Doctors, Nurses and GHN Team for all their help and Support. God Bless.

GHN Healthcare Services
A patient of Thalassemia shares his experience

“I inquired at multiple places as Thalassemia treatment is not available in Nigeria. Hence I decided to post the inquiry on the platform called GHN Healthcare. They instantly connected me to the top Indian cancer treatment hospitals on their panel and provided me with many options. It is extremely difficult to find the words to adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for everything you did for us to find the best medical solution to my health problems. I am glad that we used your services and did what was the best for my health"

GHN Healthcare Services
Patient Betty Irene Magede shares his experience of our eye surgery with GHN Healthcare

I am grateful to team GHN for taking such a good care of me during my visit to India. I had problems with my vision and Team GHN has provided me with all the assistance that I needed. This team is really wonderful, they provide hand holding services to me, arranged everything for me as it was not easy for me. I was done surgery for my eyes and it went very well. I am now ready to fly back to my country. Really happy with services of GHN. May God bless you all.

GHN Healthcare Services
Patrick’s spine and urology treatment done in India by GHN Healthcare

My Name is Patrick and I am from Rwanda. I am writing the feedback to appreciate the assistance provided to me by GHN Healthcare Services for my Spine and Urology treatment in India. Before travelling, I was very confused about what to do, which hospital to go but once I got in touch with them through my treating Doctor, things became swift and very easy for me. I travelled in May 2018, got my treatment done and came back in 3 weeks time. I am very happy for the help provided by GHN

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