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A successful Prostate Cancer Surgery of Arkansas Patient

In 2007, I wasn’t expecting a prostate cancer diagnosis when I agreed to have my PSA tested to help promote a local church health fair for homeless men. This kind of community activity was part of my mission as an Arkansas state legislator and health care advocate. I had been to the doctor just six months earlier and was told everything looked good. However, after the health fair, I was directed to consult a physician because my PSA level was suspicious. After a biopsy, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 54. I was completely shocked.

At first, I only told my daughter, Camille, but after choosing a treatment method—robotic surgery—I decided to share my diagnosis with more people. Midway between elections, I went public to both my family and my legislative friends. My main concern, though, was making sure the cancer didn’t recur.

I completed roughly a year of treatment, including 40 rounds of radiation. Everything remained stable. But two years later, my PSA levels began to rise. I was recently engaged to be married and considering running for re-election. I was heartbroken. All of my life’s plans were in jeopardy.

I had completed scans that revealed that the cancer had metastasized in my body. I made a decision that I needed to see if there were other treatment options available to me. I wanted to find a facility that specialized in cancer. One day, I was talking to a friend, and she recommended GHN Healthcare Services. So I called and spoke to someone at GHN Healthcare. They talked to me about how the hospital could help me. They told me that they would make the travel arrangements for me, obtain insurance verification and get my medical records. I decided to go and at least check it out.

In 2013, I arrived at GHN Healthcare, India and met with my medical oncologist and care team. I told my multidisciplinary team that I came to GHN Healthcare because I wanted to extend my life and I wasn’t ready to give up. I completed tests and scans so that my doctors could fully understood the extent of my cancer. The results of the scans came back, and it was revealed that I had stage 4 prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bone. My cancer had spread to my neck, back, rib cage and spinal cord. The team educated me about my cancer, presented treatment options and allowed me to ask lots of questions. Then, working together as a team, we formulated a treatment plan that was personalized to me. They knew that it was important for me to maintain my quality of life so I could accomplish the goals and objectives that I had set for myself and for my community.

My care team collaboratively prepared a personalized, compassionate and aggressive cancer-fighting plan that helped me live my life. During my cancer-fighting journey, I had hormone therapy and chemotherapy, and radiation to relieve back pain. I also underwent a bilateral mastectomy for cosmetic reasons, and my team has supported me spiritually and physically at every step. Any side effects from treatment were immediately addressed, and I was encouraged to move forward with my personal plans and career goals. My care team gave me real hope. They even worked with my schedule because I was going through an election. My care team allowed me to briefly delay some treatment options until my election was over, and my team of doctors put together an innovative cancer treatment regimen for me.

After knowing about team GHN and connecting with Team GHN in India for Robotic prostate surgery cost in India who promised that they will be with us throughout this journey starting from getting the best doctor and hospital with affordable package, managing all the logistics, and promise of HAND HOLDING CARE on the ground in India, I was relaxed.

The extraordinary multidisciplinary care and treatment that I received was impressive. Instead of being treated like an ordinary patient, I was treated like a valued partner in my health care decisions. Everyone, including doctors, nurses, supportive therapists and other employees, consistently demonstrated an unprecedented attitude of hope, hospitality and humanity.

After a week, I took a flight back to Arkansas and went back to their country with all the wonderful memories from India. They took all the medications along with them and Team GHN assured them that they can connect with treating doctor anytime incase of any assistance. Follow is a very crucial thing and professionals at GHN are always ready to assist patients who are in India and also the ones who have travelled back to their respective countries.

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