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A successful Robotic Prostate surgery of Mr.Salutary from Tanzania

India is the best place for medicine and I have witnessed it during my stay in India with my father who underwent robotic prostate surgery in India” says Mr. James from Tanzania.

Mr. Salutary Mmbando, 58 year old man from Tanzania, learned about his disease in Dar es salaam, Tanzania as he has symptoms of burning sensation during urination and pain in the lower abdomen area. He consulted a Urologist locally in Tanzania who advised that him to undergo an open surgery to remove prostate gland.

Post consultation with the doctor, Mr. Salutary started searching about best possible treatment for prostate and after reading a lot of articles on internet he realised that robotic prostate surgery is the best available procedure in current times for better outcomes in comparison to open prostate surgery or laparoscopic prostate surgery. 

After discussing with friends and family members, he started his search about robotic prostate surgery cost in India as India is a preferred destination for medical treatment for Tanzania people. Both countries share a wonderful history together. If you are in city centre of Dar es salaam, you will get a feeling that you are in an Indian city because there is a large population of Indians who stay in Tanzania and some of them have spent hundreds of years in Tanzania and their 2nd or 3rd generation is in Tanzania doing different businesses. 

After doing a detailed search about robotic prostate surgery cost in India and best robotic prostate surgery hospitals in India, he got a little confused as there were very many options available showing different packages and treatment options. 

Luckily, during a family meeting which was held at his home for his financial arrangements for his planned treatment in India, he met with Mr. Joseph who underwent the same procedure a few years ago. Mr.Joseph then connected Mr. Salutary to GHN Healthcare which is a leading medical assistance company based in New Delhi, associated with over 50 top rated hospitals in India and have served over 4000 patients from 25+ countries from all over the world.  

After knowing about team GHN and connecting with Team GHN in India for Robotic prostate surgery cost in India who promised that they will be with us throughout this journey starting from getting the best doctor and hospital with affordable package, managing all the logistics, and promise of HAND HOLDING CARE on the ground in India, we were relaxed, Says, wife of Mr. Salutary. As per her, the family was very confused on which Hospital to choose, which doctor and who will take care of them in India but after promises of GHN Healthcare which has got a very strong background and are credible, the whole family agreed to stick with GHN for treatment of Mr. Salutary in India. 

Mr. Salutary travelled to India with his son, got the initial investigations done. Both father and son were very satisfied with the first consultation and a detailed review which was done before reaching to a conclusion. 

Post evaluation, Urologist had a detailed consultation and they were told about the robotic prostate surgery treatment process and what they should expect post surgery. Both, father and the son were convinced and the date of hospitalization was planned.

Mr. Salutary got admitted and he was operated by doctors using robotic technique, after a successful procedure, Mr. Salutary was shifted to ICU for 24 hours observation and later shifted to ward. He was discharged on 6th day from the Hospital in stable condition and were requested to come for a review after a week’s time for consultation.

Both were made to stay in a very comfortable guest house nearby the Hospital and after a week, they consulted with the treating doctor, The progress good and Specialist was very with the recovery and he appreciated the mindset and lovely attitude of Mr. Salutary who always had a smile on his face even during a bit challenging times of this journey.

After a week, both took a flight back to Tanzania and went back to their country with all the wonderful memories from India. They took all the medications along with them and Team GHN assured them that they can connect with treating doctor anytime incase of any assistance. Follow is a very crucial thing and professionals at GHN are always ready to assist patients who are in India and also the ones who have travelled back to their respective countries.

For any queries, regarding robotic prostate surgery cost in India/best robotic surgery hospitals in India/best robotic prostate surgery centres in India/best specialist for robotic prostate surgery in India, Please feel free to Call or whatsApp at +91 9818857545. Our team will be glad to help you with all the information you require.

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