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Mr.Adanna’s, prostate cancer treatment journey

My name is Eric, the medical attendant and son to Mr.Adanna who is the patient. Our country of origin is Nigeria. Back in my country, my father developed multiple health challenges. The illnesses he suffered from include prostate enlargement.

The local doctors in my country examined and placed him on a catheter. He was on the catheter for four months while medications were administered to shrink the prostate. This did not yield any positive results as his condition worsened by the day. The local doctors concluded that they will perform open surgery on him to get rid of the prostate. At his age, the family considered it to be too dangerous and risky for him. We decided on laser prostatectomy over open surgery. Laser prostatectomy has many advantages like quick recovery, less pain, less bleeding etc.

We searched over internet for prostate cancer treatment and discovered that best Prostate cancer treatment are available in India. We also got in contact with GHN Healthcare Services they made all the travelling plan possible. They were really of great assistance even beyond our imagination. When we came into India, we knew nobody, but with GHN Healthcare we knew everybody. They recommended the best doctors for a different ailment  .

We visited these doctors and recorded very positive changes. All the doctors we met are very cooperating, understanding, caring and have listening ears. The nurses are also very good inclusive of other members of staff. I am most grateful to GHN Healthcare. , I really appreciate them. . I want to use this opportunity to thank all the doctors and nurses also, the staff members of BLK Hospitals who did my prostate cancer treatment so well. I am happy because the input of these doctors has led to a great improvement in the overall health condition of my father.

I want to also thank team GHN Healthcare for her support and care, GHN Healthcare is also wonderful. They also played a major role in the success story. Her contributions will not be forgotten in a hurry especially at the BLK Hospital. One good gesture I want to commend the hospital for is that follow-up continues even after returning to our country and GHN Healthcare is ever willing to continue to assist in the follow-up. Once again, I want to thank all the doctors. You all are wonderful people. You made our problems your problems, our concerns your concerns. We appreciate your calls and messages almost on a daily basis asking about our welfare and daily hospital proceedings. My dad appreciates all you have done. He said you all are God sent. Keep the good work on, you will surely be rewarded for it, if not by man then by God.

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