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It’s such a huge shock when you get to know about suffering from blood cancer. Mr. Kelvin who was about 40 years of age when he got this sad news of having blood cancer disorder, An individual who was living his life with full of joy and happiness around, earning handsome salary with limited responsibilities on his shoulders, however, when he got this news, it was shock of life for him as he never ever thought of such a thing.

As per him, it all started with a back pain and feeling very tired after work, he continued with it for some weeks, months and then over a year however, he never realised the seriousness of the issue as none of us would do if we are in the same stage.

He was staying in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. During this time he consulted many doctors but none could find out the root cause of it and the problem continued to increase with no improvement in his health. He then decided to consult a Haematologist at Mulago National Referral Hospital on the advice of a doctor.

He underwent a details checkup and it was found that he has multiple myeloma and for which he would need to undergo a Bone marrow Transplant. It was so difficult to digest this shock but it was his friends and family members who supported him at this time of mental distress.

As the transplant was not done in India, the family and friends started searching for BEST MULTIPLE MYELOMA TREATMENT HOSPITALS IN INDIA, Everyone was convinced that India is the most suitable place for his stem cell transplant which he needs to get curative treatment for multiple myeloma.

Finally, the connected with a hospital in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Family got the needed assistance for getting a detailed opinion with cost estimates, Visa invitation letter for the people who were planned to travel with Mr. Kelvin.

Upon arrival they were well received by the team who was coordinating for them and were taken to the Hospital directly without wasting any minute. As per Mr. Kelvin, he was surprised to see the services which were so quick as he got to meet with a very senior haematologist on the first day itself and also did the preliminary examinations.

Doctors in India, planned for his admission for bone marrow transplant after a detailed checkup. He was admitted in the hospital for a time period of about 21 days and got discharged post an Autologous bone marrow transplant which is done for curative care for MULTIPLE MYELOMA.

Mr. Kelvin post discharged was thankful to those who helped him in searching for Best multiple myeloma treatment hospitals in India, as it would have been so very difficult to get a hospital which really has world class treatment and offers services at affordable prices. After a follow up period of about 3 weeks post discharge he was given clearance to fly back to his own country.

On the last day, Mr. Kelvin was heard saying to the team of doctors that he has gotten a new lease of life just because of them and he could not hold his emotions as tears rolled down his eyes. He wrote a wonderful feedback for all the people who were part of this journey of treatment in India.

Today, Mr. Kelvin is living a life back in his country, A life free from blood cancer and living happily and joyfully as he was. 


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