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Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

It was the most difficult time of my life says the father of Baby Maya Nyambura, Citizen of republic of Kenya (In Swahili it’s Jamhuri ya kenya). Isn’t it the hardest thing in our lives to deal with a situation wherein a family member is seriously ill?  I am certain it is for maximum number of people reading this article, the same was the situation of Mr. Joseph, father to a four year old Baby Maya.

Maya was diagnosed with end stage liver disease also called chronic liver failure in the year Jan 2019 at a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. The family visited the best of the gastroenterologist in kenya look for possible treatment locally in their own country, every single medic they met gave them whatever best possible they could do for the child, however, it is painful to say that it was not enough. The child needed a treatment which is for extreme conditions and that treatment was liver transplant.

There were multiple meetings organised by the family for discussions related to treatment and  on raising funds for treatment and the day family realised that she doesn’t need anything less than a liver transplant as that was the only option left to save the life of Baby Maya, In the family meeting on a sunday evening at the residence of Mr. Joseph, discussions related to liver transplant happened and all the well wishers present their contributed whatever little they knew about the treatment called liver transplant.

Now, the question how to find best liver transplant hospitals in India, many who were part of the meeting had been to india for some or the other treatments but not specifically for liver transplant. It was a very confusing state for everyone to decide on how to move ahead with process as nobody had a clue about liver transplant hospitals in India.

Liver transplant hospitals in India GHN HealthcareFortunately, one fine day Mr. Joseph visited a local hospital to collect a report of the test which was done few days ago, while he was sitting in the waiting area, he saw a young woman with her kid and the two of them were talking something of India.

Mr. Joseph was in a poor state of mind and body and he had to gather all the courage to ask the woman, Have you been to India Madam? The lady replied with a smiling face ‘yes’, we just came back few days back from New Delhi, India. She told Mr. Joseph that she visited one of the for liver transplant of her child. Mr. Joseph was very excited to know her experience in India and also about the hospital and treatment process in India. He wanted to know which one is the best liver transplant hospitals in India ?

The lady shared contact of GHN Healthcare and said these guys are very professional and experienced to offer you hand holding assistance throughout your treatment journey.

Mr. Joseph was very much relaxeBest liver trasnplant hospitals in indiad to have a reliable contact in India in order to organise for them to get the best hospital, cost, arrangements of visa letter, airport pickup, fixing up appointment and booking for accommodation etc. Once he connected he was guided on steps to follow in order to get the best liver transplant hospitals in India and the process for them was made very easy and swift for them to travel at the earliest for treatment of Baby Maya Nyambura.

Finally, Baby underwent liver transplant surgery at a leading hospital in New Delhi, the capital city of India with some of the world renowned hospital. She got discharged in a stable condition post transplant, stayed in India for a month for the follow ups and then travelled back to Kenya.

Mr. Joseph & the wife wrote an email after going back, Travelling to a strange place is very stressful but when God connects you with reliable, credible and people with good intentions, you feel very light and they make you feel at home. They were incredibly thankful to the whole team of GHN Healthcare for offering them hand holding assistance in India. For more details about Best liver transplant hospitals in India. click here


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