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Best Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in India
Best Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in India
GHN Healthcare Services
Best Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in India
GHN Healthcare Services


GHN Healthcare Services is a leading Medical treatment Assistance Company based in New Delhi (National Capital region), India. The Organization actively engaged in providing Medical assistance to foreign Patients who choose to travel to India for quality medical care at a reasonable cost. GHN Healthcare Services is associated with 25+ Top-Notch Hospitals and has a network of 500+ Super Specialists to offer world-class medical care at a reasonable cost.

The Journey of Serving people from all over the globe and helping those who are living a life with pain began in the early months of year 2015 when the Organization was registered with Ministry of Corporate affairs, India. The Objective is to provide best-in-class professional assistance to those who travel to India for treatment with a personal healing touch and unmatched handholding assistance. In the beginning, there were a few leading Hospitals mainly from Delhi and Hyderabad in the network but later, with the increase of Patients due to our Unmatched professional and personalized assistance services, the Organization went into expansion adding many more reputable hospitals to it’s panel.

Since it’s inception, GHN Healthcare Services has followed an ethical & honest approach with an emphasis on delivering beyond commitments and in a short period of time it emerged as one of the most reputed & trusted Medical treatment facilitation company in the Indian Healthcare Industry. A never lasting passion for healing is what drives each & every person associated with the Organization to work tirelessly serving those living a painful life and ensuring improvement in their quality of life.

GHN Healthcare Services has successfully provided hand holding medical assistance to over 2500+ Patients from different regions of Africa, South Asia, CIS and SAARC Nations. GHN Healthcare has arranged for Skill Development Programs for over 400+ Healthcare professionals from various parts of the globe. The Professionals attending these training programs get to learn about new developments and work closely with richly experienced Healthcare professionals in India. It has been observed, that the exchange of knowledge helps these professionals improving their work performance.

GHN Healthcare is actively engaged in doing capacity building works for partner Clinics, Hospitals and Diagnostic centers lacking infrastructure and advanced medical equipments to be able to deliver better diagnostic services and treatment facilities. GHN strive to build a Global network through which we could assist and treat patients in pain and train healthcare professionals with continuous learning and knowledge exchange programs improving their skills.

Advantages for Patients:-

  • No-obligation Medical Opinion from best Super-Specialists in India
  • Treatment at world renowned Hospitals
  • Connect Directly with Treating Doctor prior to travelling
  • Affordable Medical Care
  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation of your Choice
  • Hand holding ground Assistance by GHN Case Managers
  • Supervising of Your Medical treatment
  • Follow up services post departure from India


GHN Healthcare offers each Patient End-to-End Assistance.

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