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What is the success rate of liver Transplant in India ?

There are many world-Class Centres having highly reputed team of doctors for liver transplant surgeries are doing remarkable work when in comes to liver transplant.

We would like to share that Hospitals mentioned below are some of the best know for their excellent work and success rate dealing with patients who require liver transplant-

-Fortis Hospital

-Apollo Hopsitals

-Jaypee Hospital

-Gleneagles Global Hospital

-Continental Hospital

-KIMS Hospital

-Aster Hospital

All the above mentioned hospitals have been recognised and awarded at a number of Global Platforms for their exceptional participation in dealing with patient suffering from liver diseases. If we talk of success rate, Indian Hospitals have now become preferred destination for liver transplant surgery. As a result of low cost treatment options with quality treatment, International Patients from Africa, Middle east, CIS and SAARC Nations prefer to come to India for Liver transplant.

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