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What is the cost of Kidney transplant in India ?

At India , there are many world-class Hospitals for kidney transplant. The Fortis group of hospitals , Gleneagles Global, BLK, Continental, Aster, Artemis, KIMS , Jaypee hospital & Columbia Asia being some of the finest hospitals for Kidney transplant surgery . The Patients suffering from life threatening renal failure diseases are suggested to undergo kidney Transplant, the temporary treatment to take care of health is dialysis, this process is very hectic and painful for the Patient as the doctors suggest dialysis twice or thrice a week, so that Patient has to come to hospital for 4-6 hours twice or thrice in a week.  The Permanent cure for Renal malfunction is a kidney transplant in which a perfect kidney from family / relative is donated patient who is a renal failure patient.

The Cost of kidney transplant varies from USD 13500 to 18000 at various hospitals in india.

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