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what is allogenic transplant cost in India?

Allogenic transplant is a procedure in which stem cells are taken from a HLA Matched donor and infused in the recipient for the marrow to start forming normal cells. This procedure is done for patients suffering from leukemia, sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, myelofibrosis and thalassemia etc.

The donor is searched from direct biological siblings as there are very high chances of getting a matched donor in the direct siblings, The biological parents are not matched, they are half matched donors. Incase there are no matched donor in the siblings. The doctors look for donors from the international bone marrow donor registry which to be honest is a hectic procedure to follow. Once the doctors identify an matched donor, the stem cells are transported from the place of donor to the place of recipient.

The allogenic transplant cost in India at top notch hospitals ranges from USD 28000 to USD 34000 depending the status of the disease of the patient. In the western world hospitals the same treatment is available at 10 times the more as compared to the treatment cost in India. The procedure is a complex one and requires exclusive infrastructure and services to deliver world class medical care. 

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