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What is the cost of Sickle Cell Anemia treatment in India?

Allogenic transplant is a procedure which is required to be done in patients suffering from sickle cell anemia in which stem cells are taken from HLA Matched donor and they are infused in the recipient for the marrow to start forming normal cells and stop forming blood cells which are of the shape of a SICKLE. The disease is name sickle cell anemia as the cells formed are of the SICKLE Shape. This procedure is done for patients who are requiring regular and frequent blood transfusion and only for those patients who are considered eligible for bone marrow transplant considering all the clinical aspects. Please note that all the patients suffering from sickle cell anemia are not candidates of bone marrow transplant.

Now lets talk about the donor who is searched from direct biological siblings, chances of getting a matched donor in the direct siblings are very high, biological parents are not matched, they are mostly half matched or slightly over half but considered as half matched donors only. Incase there is no match donor in the siblings. The specialists search from donors from the international bone marrow donor registry which is a  hectic procedure to follow but when you do not have a donor, the only choice left is to search a donor from international registry of stem cell donors. Once the Haematologist identify a matched donor, there is need to make arrangements for stem cells to be transported from the place of donor to the place of recipient(Patient). To know more…

We offers Low Bone marrow transplant for sickle cell anemia treatment in India at top Hospitals and top surgeons of India. Sickle cell anemia treatment ranges from USD 28000 to 35000.

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