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856 Stones removed from Kidney 45 year Old Man In Delhi

In a rare case, doctor at a city hospital removed approx. 856 stones from the kidney of a 45 year old man through minimal invasive surgical technique. Team of doctors performed percutaneous nephrolithotomy, a keyhole surgery for kidney stone. All stones were removed from the left kidney& urinary tract/pelvis in one go with a only one 1 cm puncture.

Mr. Gupta was admitted to Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh with complain of blood in urine. No other symptoms related to renal stones were present. He had a history of stones in the lft kidney and he was first operated in 2007.

The ultrasound revealed the presence of 2 large stones in his kidney, which were roughly 33 millimetres of size.

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Timely treatment saved life of 16 year Old from Bone Cancer

The boy was suffering from pain for a long time but the family was not aware that it can be cancer when they pain became unbearable, they had to admit him and later he was referred Dr. Kishore reddy, a bone cancer specialist at American Oncology Institute, bone cancer specialist is a rare specialties but American Oncology Institute being a comprehensive cancer center offers world-class treatment for all the cancers.

The boy underwent a series of investigations here and was found to have osteo sarcoma. He was operated for a complex and rare surgery at the Hospital, the surgery was a successful one and he later on was discharged in stable condition. His family was flooded with joy as after six months of surgery the boy was able to resume his normal activities.

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31 year young Policeman from Kenya underwent a rare successful heart surgery

The young policeman had severe cardiac disorder, he was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Nairobi. The Cardiologist in Nairobi considering the complexity of the disease referred him to india for the surgery, He underwent modified Bentall procedure and descending thoracic aortic stent grafting. As per the treating Surgeon, this was one of the rarest cardiac surgery performed.


The young man is doing well back in home country now. He has resumed his office however, he us advised to keep a follow up with local cardiologist in Nairobi.

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Thalassemia treatment in India

Thalassemia man gets a life without transfusion after Bone marrow transplant – >best thalassemia treatment hospitals

A 25 years old man from Hyderabad, India who was suffering from Thalassemia, a blood disorder in which Patient needs blood transfusions. As he was searching for best thalassemia treatment hospitals in india, he got in touch with American Oncology Institute. The team of hematologist at AOI gave a detailed counselling to the Patient and family that the procedure will be a high risk one.


The patient trusted in doctors and decided to undergo stem cell transplant at American Oncology Institute. It was a high risk procedure which went on well, now the young man is leading a life rid from regular blood transfusions.

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American Oncology Institute is awarded as Leading Hospital for Oncology in India

American Oncology Institute is a one of the best cancer treatment hospital in india and south asia that operates a chain of cancer hospitals all across South Asia.  American Oncology Institute (AOI) was founded in 2006 by a group of prominent oncologists with decades of rich experience in University of Pittsburgh Medical College (UPMC), Pittsburgh, United states of America in managing cancer practices. Currently the hospitals are located at Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Vijayawada, Guntur, Bhubaneswar, Hisar, jalandhar and Sri Lanka.

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Bone marrow transplant in India

Ex BBC Correspondent from Kenya undergoes a Success Bone marrow transplant

Mr. Kevin mwachiro underwent a bone marrow transplant a leading hospital in the capital city. He was suffering from a disease called Multiple myeloma. His initial evaluations and diagnosis was done at a Nairobi based hospital. Mr. Kevin Mwachiro decided to travel to india after listening to success story of many other Kenyan patients who had the similar blood disorder. As planned her got his treatment done at one of the best multiple myeloma treatment hospital in india.

He underwent Stem cell transplant in India and is now doing well living a normal life free from cancer

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Successful Sickle Cell Disease Treatment in India- Testimonial for Kelvin, Kenya. Thanks for your Love!

Hello Friends,

My name is Kelvin, I am from Kenya (East Africa), I am 20 years and still a student at Nairobi University. I was suffering from Sickle cell disease , Living life with SCD was really hard for me and also for my family members. I used to search options to get curative treatment for Sickle cell disease. I got to know about GHN from one of my friend, his father was assisted by GHN for Open heart surgery in India.

As I was searching for Best Hospital for sickle cell disease treatment in India, getting the information from a close from of mine was really helpful, I took their contact no. and started communicating with Akhil Dubey who organised things for mu Friend’s father. I was asked to share all my medical reports and send them was truly a very easy task, I took pictures of all the reports and shared over the WhatsApp Line, Akhil Dubey, assured me that he will look for best doctor and hospital for Sickle cell disease in india. I was given a detailed Opinion from BLK Hospital, New Delhi and the Haematologist was Dr. Dharma Chaudhary, I got to know that BLK hospital is one of the best hospital for bone marrow transplant in India. We were told to get a HLA Matched Donor from direct siblings, unfortunately, I had none after doing HLA typing for my 2 brothers and one sis. We all were tensed as all of us thought that all the doors are closed now, But, When we communicated with Akhil Dubey, He told us not to worry as BLK Hospital has done many haplo identical transplants with an excellent success rate. We were all a bit concerned about results, then My Father asked Akhil dubey to connect with Dr. Dharma as we all wanted to hear from Doctor about results, We talked and Dr. Dharma said, Kelvin should go for haplo identical transplant.

As we were ready, GHN was quick in organising the Medical Visa Letter for three of us who were planned to travel. We got Visa in 4 days, Booked tickets , shared them with GHN as they requested for travel details to organise for Airport pick up and appointment with Doctor.

We left Nairobi on 5 March 2017, landed at Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport on 6th March. One of the Representative from GHN from was there to receive, He took us to hospital directly, GHN guys are quick and effective in assisting people, I saw Dr. Dharma on the same day upon arrival, I did investigations on same day.

Finally, after a week, I was given a go ahead for admission for transplant, Harvesting was done for Marrow cells from the donor and the transplant was done. My mother was all the time with me to motivate me during dull phases post transplant, recovery phase was tough with a few complications , I would like highly appreciate efforts of nursing team and the team of doctors at BLK Hospital, they were all so dedicated in taking care of me, strict Supervision on my health. There were ups and downs during over 3 weeks stay in the hospital but I was Truly backed up well by Nursing, Doctors and frequent visits from GHN people, they kept saying, Kelvin, “you are a strong boy, you will be fine soon”. With God’s grace, I was recovered well and was given clearance for discharge on 25th day. I stayed in India for two weeks more for follow up, my counts were satisfactory and I was too excited to travel back home.

Every person in the family, WhatsApp group people, People connected with me on Facebook were all happy to know that I am free from Sickle cell disease after Best Bone Marrow Transplant in India. We all are thankful to Team of Doctors, BMT Nursing team and Team GHN who took good care of us, they were key factors in making things swift and easier for us. I always suggest people to connect with GHN as I trust them and I have seen these people serving people with quality medical assistance. Many Patients have been referred by me till now and all of them speak good about their work on ground level. I am a huge fan and BRAND AMBASSADOR for GHN in Kenya. A Big Thank you to all of you, because of you people i am living a life which is free from Sickle cell disease.

Happy I Am……………..

Love you All,


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Looking for Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India?

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

There are large number of Patients travelling from all Parts of the world to India for Liver Transplant as India is know for its Cheap and best services in Medical field. Our Hospitals have Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India and providing Quality Medical care when it comes to treatment of Liver. GHN is associated with World-Class Hospital helping Patients with all types of liver diseases including Liver Transplant.

Acute Liver Failure:

The outcome of patients with Acute Liver Failure patients remain very poor in developing countries with high mortality. A large Number of Patients  ( 7000-12,000 ) who suffer from this every year in India, of whom approximately 1200-2000 patients are too ill and die without a Liver transplant . Please note that ALF affects young people (average age 20-40 years) in prime of their life,  Although the chances of death are about 80% without relevant treatment, Over 80% of them can survive with the quality medical care including Liver Transplant.

Liver & Pancreatic Cancer:

Liver cancer is the 5th most frequently diagnosed cancer and the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths. Both hepatitis B and C causes cirrhosis , cirrhosis is the greatest risk factor for hepato-cellular cancer (HCC).

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:

Recent studies confirm that fatty liver is now the fourth most common reason for liver transplantation in the USA. Furthermore, it will soon become the leading indication for liver transplantation worldwide! Recent community-based studies from Asian countries, including Japan, China, and India, indicate that the overall NAFLD prevalence is as high as 45%.

Pediatric Transplant:

We at GHN have keen interest in children with Liver Disease,  In order to optimize Outcomes, we are trying to consolidate our paediatric experience. We have Team of Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India for Liver disease.

Please find Below mentioned List of  Hospitals which have Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

BLK Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Global Hospitals

Artemis Hospital

Jaypee Hospital

Continental Hospital

For Opinion of Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India, Please feel free to contact us at :

Email  :

Phone / WhatsApp : +91 9818857545

We look forward to serving you !


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